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  1. 72 hours or just a few days Wait... 24x3=72... isn't that the same thing?
  2. Problem Towing a vehicle requires the car to be unlocked to avoid grief/stealing. Proposed Solution Tow permission from police. Tow drivers can call into a police station, and report a vehicle for towing. The police then open a database, try to contact the owner, and if unsuccessful, approve the tow. How this works; the tow driver opens up the database, and adds a vehicle by plate number (since it's generated different for each car, this allows for a unique identifier to be used. The police/dispatch get a notification of a new Tow Order (similar to a 911 call), but as a tow report order, it's low priority (911 calls always come first). Once dispatch/police have an opportunity, they pull the plate number to identify the owner, and get an option to 'call'. If the owner is non-responsive or dismissive to the call, or doesn't answer the call, the tow driver is then given permission to tow the car. Even though the car is locked, the system allows the tow driver to lock up the car and tow it off. Alternative functionality. When police 'impound' a car, it puts an alert to 'on-duty' tow drivers who have opted to receive notices from the police that a car is ready to be towed. By accepting the job, they have an hour to tow the vehicle (including turning it in), before the vehicle is automatically despawned and treated as impounded. The police is still rewarded, but this also gives the tow driver an automatic payment for working with the police. This allows for tow-truck drivers to get constant work for the police, but the server doesn't rely on them if none are on. Additionally, if the officer has a particular tow driver they prefer, they can pre-select that driver to be the only one notified. This allows police to work with preferred drivers that have a good reputation with them, a bonus reward for being good at your work. Drawbacks This does put a limit minimum of 1 hour to get your car back after the police tow it (though in hindsight, don't do the crime if you can't do the time?). Additionally, it will cause contention between tow drivers (again though, if you are good at your work and not too busy, you should have the database up to grab the juicy police jobs). Concept Notes So I thought about what all should be included on the GUI. Here's a list of things I think make for the necessary parts. For the tow driver reporting a car, they should really only need to report the GPS location (so obvious law breaks, IE middle of road, illegal parking, etc... can be automatically approved), and plate number (so the owner can be notified in case of legally parked car, to prevent theft by a mock-tow driver). There could also be an automatic timer on cars, for instance a car left unattended for 3 hours becomes "abandoned" and may be towed by ANY tow driver. When reporting it to the police, it just dumps it into the database and auto-approves it so a reported car theft could be identified as towed. A tow driver would also need a listing of all unclaimed cars to be towed, and a 'claim' button to claim the job. This allows only the first to claim a job to gain the GPS location and plate number. This allows the driver to drive out to where the car is, confirm the plate number is right, then load up. For the officer end, they should have access to the same functionality, except instead of a button that requests permission, they have one that grants permission to the first tow driver to claim, or grants permission to the requesting tow driver. Additionally, just like the dispatch window, it would need to list all current tow requests, and have an option to delete/ignore to prevent abuse. It would also be wise if the list auto-rejects the request after a set time, so it doesn't get filled when police are unable to respond. Once the three hour mark is up for the car, it will auto-approve anyway, allowing the drivers to get the car with or without police intervention. Additionally, unlocking your car will allow a tow driver to tow like on most servers, meaning a person requesting a tow would still be able to supersede the need for police involvement by simply unlocking their car, which grants the driver the ability to hook it up. The driver then can tow the car like on how other servers function, and use the invoice system as agreed on with the car's owner. Final Thoughts Towing adds a lot to a server, in the regard that it's a minor money sync. Making it easy for people to fix their own car all the time, makes it worthless to drive with care. On the flip side, making towing vital makes it impossible to get repairs when no tow trucks are online. As such, it should be MUCH easier to get a tow than to repair a car with a kit (make kits one time use and expensive with slow use for example, so they can be used in an emergency with no tow trucks online). Finding ways to make a tow truck more beneficial to a server, and more involved, like any career, gives people more things to do without feeling like busywork. A person who's job it is to simply go to point A, plant seed B, then harvest C isn't going to be fun for everyone. But it will likely net more money than any interactive job like towing. The real way to balance an economy, is make it so people have to rely on other people more and more. Make money constantly change hands, so it doesn't idle on one person too much. If the gang boss with tons of reputation thinks it's cheaper and just as quick to hire a mechanic to come get his car than it is to just repair it himself, the high rollers will happily spend the money to the lower hitters. Additionally, making low-income jobs benefit rich players, this allows newer players and older players alike a chance to earn money through menial jobs.
  3. Hey, I'm some random guy. As a random person, I'm hoping there is a random lowly tow trucker job option. Can't wait to tow your broken and abandoned cars.

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