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  1. Strat ( Isaac Wolf )

    CJ Redmond

    Hi and welcome ?
  2. Strat ( Isaac Wolf )


    Nice to see you Nais ?
  3. Strat ( Isaac Wolf )


    Lol hope to see You in court, I’m a lawyer, Good luck out there
  4. Strat ( Isaac Wolf )

    Isaac wolf has returned

    I’m back! Now to those of you who don’t know me I am Isaac Wolf. However, I now go by the name Strat. In the past my arma didnt work and it still won’t ,however I’m going to be buying lots of new upgrades for my computer that should make arma work. Hope to see you all on the forums :)

Welcome to Modern Life RPG

MLRPG is a roleplaying mission made all from scratch by our developer "Nais" and with some help from our developers with the design. Our main focus is all about having fun and roleplaying at the same time, we are not here to make you read for hours before you can play or apply and need to wait hours, our server is 24/7 open to play on BUT police and EMT side is whitelisted. You would need to do a basic police application and training in order to play on police and same with EMT

Server Rules

Make sure you read and understand our rules.

100% Custom

Our mission is 100% custom and all from scratch and we will make sure it stays like this. We have developers with over 5-8 years of experience in just ArmA development.

Modern Life RPG

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