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  1. Nais

    Daniel Purple

    Action has been taken here.
  2. Nais

    Daniel Purple

    Thank You for your report, this is something we take very seriously and this is something me personaly will take with him. This is not acceptable.
  3. Nais

    Civilian Jobs

    Delivery Driver is already in the game
  4. Now on friday we will be holding a server event at 21:00 CEST time zone, we will be doing Airsoft, races, & maybe jailbreak or something with our new Governor system. AirSoft event winnings: $300,000 to winner team Race winnings: $150,000 to the winner more to be announced under the event. Date: 15.02.2019 @ 21:00 CEST (Norwegian Time Zone)
  5. Nais

    Snow Kingston

    Accepted, please come on our Teamspeak to request your $5,000
  6. Nais

    Version 1.4.1 Beta

    [Added] Governor System [Added] You can now hit shift + E to search or destroy evidence [Fixed] Spawn point issues after moving map
  7. Nais

    Probation System?

    So how would this be coded like how should it work? Menus, what buttons, etc
  8. Nais

    MLRPG 1.4 Beta

    Modern Life RPG 1.4 Beta This weekend on Friday we are looking to release a better version of MLRPG with a bigger, better map, new cars, new weapons, new areas to explore, new functions, new clothing and more! This is one of the biggest updates I think we have done so we are super excited to release this and can't wait for you all to see it! We will not be showing any screenshots due to you need to go in and see it your self when we release this new update 🙂 Changelog will be released soon
  9. Nais

    MLRPG 1.4 Beta

    If you take screenshots of your vehicle storage and house then ye you will get them back
  10. Nais

    MLRPG 1.4 Beta

    You will keep everything except your vehicles, houses and current gear (not sure about the gear due to us removing alot and adding new)
  11. Nais

    Version 1.4 Beta

    Modern Life RPG Version 1.4 Beta Changelog [Added] Chop Shop (This is used to sell stolen vehicles, once one is chopped it's removed from our database) [Added] Evidence System (When you fire a bullet there will be Evidence dropped on the ground, 50% chance to give away the shooter) [Added] Meth Lab [Added] BlackMarket (Spawns every 20 min, stays for 10 min) [Added] BlackScreen if a player is not in TFR [Added] Lawyer System (Press L to use) [Added] New vehicles [Added] New clothing [Added] New weapons [Added] New Backpacks [Added] New vests [Added] Court House [Added] Spawn Menu (You can now spawn at your house, police station, hospital or gang hideout) [Added] Checkpoint Builder (Click 0 to use, can be used by EMS and Police) [Added] Gang Hideouts for Gangs with 5 people + [Changed] New Map [Changed] New SD [Changed] From Shift + H to Shift + R to handcuff [Fixed] Accessing inventory while being dead (people would drop the gear and go back and get it) [Fixed] Talking on the radio while being dead [Fixed] Holstering not saving [Fixed] Faces not showing for others (The one you pick when you register) Note there might be a few stuff I forgot regarding bug fixes also the changelog might be changed if I remember the rest.
  12. Nais

    MLRPG 1.4 Beta

    Your ban ends 09.02.2019 around 19:00 and i will comp you for your house
  13. Nais

    MLRPG 1.4 Beta

    Keep the pictures until we launch and we will fix it 🙂
  14. Nais

    ViBro's Referral

    Accepted, please come on our Teamspeak to request your $5,000
  15. Nais

    IrishGuy Referral

    Accepted, please come on our Teamspeak to request your $5,000
  16. Nais

    Ur whalecum cappy(referral)

    Accepted, please come on our Teamspeak to request your $5,000
  17. Nais

    Version 1.3 Beta

    Modern Life RPG 1.3 [Added] BlackMarket Dealer (Spawn randomly every 20 minutes, stays for 10 minutes) - Credits Nais [Added] Strip player function for the police - Credits Nais [Added] New mining system (You now need a pickaxe and you get it from the clothing store under pistols) - Credits Nais (3D Model by: Addison Tommy) [Added] Wood Cutting - Credits Nais (3D Model by: Addison Tommy) [Added] Color selection for cars - Credits Nais [Added] Key Sharing - Credits Nais [Added] New Gang Area - Credits Nais' [Added] Vests to BlackMarket - Credits Leo Fives [Changed] Sheriff Department - Credits Leo Fives [Changed] Hospital - Credits Leo Fives [Changed] Terrorist Area - Credits Leo Fives [Changed] Gang Areas - Credits Leo Fives [Changed] Removed wrong ATM's - Credits Leo Fives [Changed] Changed Jail - Credits Leo Fives [Changed] Repo lot - Credits Leo Fives [Changed] Convoy will now spawn every hour [Fixed] Holstering Not Saving - Credits Nais [Fixed] RifleBag not saving - Credits Nais [Fixed] You can't drop inventory items while being dead - Credits Nais [Fixed] Dropping items while being in a car - Credits Nais [Fixed] Sidewalks - Credits Leo Fives
  18. Nais

    New Map?

    I would like to know if you guys enjoy playing on the current map or if you guys would like to have a new one in the near feature, please vote 🙂
  19. Nais

    New Map?

    Trying to fix the issue with some people who can't vote
  20. Nais

    Rob's suggest

    Request denied
  21. Nais

    Drug dealer,Housing

    Will look into this asap, not home atm
  22. Nais

    Ifrit storage

    This has been fixed
  23. Nais

    Green Zones

    This is something that will be added and regarding people relogging is something I'm working on coding so if they do, they will lose all their gear
  24. Nais

    Storage Furniture for Homes (and Later Warehouses)

    Can you explain more what you mean?
  25. Nais

    Suggestion: Vehicle Stats

    This will be added

Welcome to Modern Life RPG

MLRPG is a roleplaying mission made all from scratch by our developer "Nais" and with some help from our developers with the design. Our main focus is all about having fun and roleplaying at the same time, we are not here to make you read for hours before you can play or apply and need to wait hours, our server is 24/7 open to play on BUT police and EMT side is whitelisted. You would need to do a basic police application and training in order to play on police and same with EMT

Server Rules

Make sure you read and understand our rules.

100% Custom

Our mission is 100% custom and all from scratch and we will make sure it stays like this. We have developers with over 5-8 years of experience in just ArmA development.

Modern Life RPG

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