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  1. The player owning shops will be on hold for a bit, we need to test it more to make sure its stable
  2. Step 1: Install our launcher here: Click here to install NOTICE: Your anti-virus or Windows might say it's a virus due to it being a new program but we are working on contacting does anti-virus companies to get it whitelisted. Step 2: Pick the path you would like to install the mods by clicking on the three dots NOTICE: You might have issues installing with an error getting access denied if you have set a few permissions on your computer so if that happens run ModernLifeInstaller.exe as Administrator by right-clicking on the file Step 3: Once installed the program will automatically start up the launcher and create a shortcut on your desktop and your first step on the launcher should be to go into settings and enter your ArmA 3 path (ArmA 3 folder) then click Save Settings and go back. Step 4: Now once you have done everything you can sync your files straight through the launcher and if there are any new updates to the launcher it will let you know. NOTICE: You must be logged into steam in order to start the launcher & if the server is online you can see the server name, players and join the server straight through the launcher, it will put you automatically on the server.
  3. We will keep it like this but in the future this should not be an issue with staff 🙂
  4. People do it trust me, we already had people doing it and that's when we fixed this
  5. Already done that, people use VPN (changes there IP) + they change their Teamspeak UID so they can easily connect back
  6. Hello and welcome, first I'm sorry for the time you waited, normally a staff would be there to give you the tags you need and the reason why we have it like this is due to the fact when we ban people they can just connect back with a VPN.
  7. Most of this we have already dealt with and planning out the changes for 1.5
  8. Nais

    Server Update 1.5

    The server will be up around this week or next week and we might be resetting the stats due to this new update and that's why we will keep our server down. I think you all will like this new change, this will change the way we play.
  9. So for version 1.5 we have some big changes coming up and we are super excited to release this for you guys but we will keep our server for now offline until 1.5 is ready. This update will include a map change and the rest you need to see yourself when it's out.
  10. Due to the number of hours the server has been down due to BIS fuck-ups we are now moving our server to version 1.88 and will wait until 1.90 is fixed. This is how you change your Arma 3 version to 1.88: - Right click on Arma 3 in your Steam Library, then Properties - Select the tab BETAS - Enter the code Arma3Legacy188 then click CHECK CODE - Finally, still in this BETAS tab, use the dropdown list to select the branch legacy - Legacy Build (1.88)
  11. Thank you for the report, this will be fixed within the next update!
  12. Version 1.5 is going to be a big update regarding the server economy and our company system. For 1.5 I will be removing all shops but keeping one general store for all the general stuff that a newbie would need and then the rest of the shops are player shops where you would need to go get the correct items to then craft whatever you want to sell and that can be food, drinks, cars, weapons, gear or even just a desk. So the plan for this is to make the server player ran economy and this means all the shops would be placed down by a player and all the items inside is crafted via the company system and even if you log off the shop will still be there and you will earn money when people use your shop. There are also a few other things planned 🙂 What do you guys think?
  13. Also this is just a poll as i want to see what people think
  14. I will be comping the people i know has been putting down the hours to make money so don't worry about that
  15. Hey, As many know there have been a few dupe issues here and there but they all should be fixed by now so my question is would you all like a full server wipe so we all start fresh again? Vote here: https://www.strawpoll.me/17508329

Welcome to Modern Life RPG

MLRPG is a roleplaying mission made all from scratch by our developer "Nais" and with some help from our developers with the design. Our main focus is all about having fun and roleplaying at the same time, we are not here to make you read for hours before you can play or apply and need to wait hours, our server is 24/7 open to play on BUT police and EMT side is whitelisted. You would need to do a basic police application and training in order to play on police and same with EMT

Server Rules

Make sure you read and understand our rules.

100% Custom

Our mission is 100% custom and all from scratch and we will make sure it stays like this. We have developers with over 5-8 years of experience in just ArmA development.

Modern Life RPG

This website is not affiliated or authorized by Bohemia Interactive a.s. Bohemia Interactive, ARMA, DAYZ and all associated logos and designs are trademarks or registered trademarks of Bohemia Interactive a.s.

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