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  1. Nais

    Version 1.2 Beta

    MLRPG Version 1.2 Beta Note: Stuff might be added/changed due to this version not being live before 25.01.2019 [Added] Fire Script (Does not apply for the Government Convoy!) - Credits Nais [Added] You will now be teleported out of jail if there are less then 7 cops online - Credits Nais [Added] Vehicle Storage outside of the jail - Credits Nais [Added] Police Gear, Item & Vehicle shop at the jail - Credits Nais [Added] You can now unflip your vehicle - Credits Nais [Added] More crafting into the company system - Credits Nais [Added] Welcome text on your screen when you login - Credits Nais [Added] Robbery System, the shop must have a cash register (Shift + E on the cash register, will display 3d text if it can be robbed) - Credits Nais [Added] More seeds to grow - Credits Nais [Added] New Sheriff uniforms - Credits Jason Sigma [Added] New Sheriff vehicle textures - Credits Jason Sigma [Added] New FD vehicle textures - Credits Jason Sigma [Added] Our server to GameStats, you may now join our server straight through GameStats (Download GameStats here) - Credits Nais [Fixed] Issue where you should not rob the Government convoy if it got destroyed, you now have 60 seconds before all the money is destroyed. - Credits Nais [Fixed] Spikestrips - Credits Nais [Fixed] Vehicle bait kit but you must be 500 meters close for executing it (Did not take the fuel or lock the vehicle) - Credits Nais [Fixed] Hud, It's now moved more down so it should not block any vehicle info or actions - Credits Nais [Fixed] Issue where you should die when you first spawn in because you got launched up in the air??? (Arma btw....) - Credits Nais [Fixed] Company GUI - Credits Nais [Fixed] Ticket GUI - Credits Nais [Fixed] Other small details... - Credits Nais [WIP] Gas Station System - Credits Nais [WIP] More Farming - Credits Nais [WIP] Vehicle color picking - Credits Nais [WIP] Woodcutting (For crafting system) - Credits Nais [WIP] Update Medic System for treatment options and more - Credits Nais [WIP] Taxi job - Credits Nais [WIP] Mine with a pickaxe - Credits Nais [WIP] Vehicle tuning - Credits Nais [WIP] More drugs - Credits Nais
  2. Nais

    Lewis tester application

    Application Accepted! Welcome to the Tester Team, you may now view the Tester Team forum to install our mod pack! Tester Team forum: Click here
  3. Nais

    New release date

    We know we have been very inactive with showing progress and so on but we have been making progress for the past weeks we have been a bit "undercover". We are soon ready to show you guys what we have done! Release date: 2019.01.25 20:00 CEST
  4. Nais

    Version 1.1 Beta

    This version is now live!
  5. Nais

    Version 1.1 Beta

    MLRPG Version 1.1 Beta Will also be including the version 1.0 changelog here [ADDED] Repo Job (Towing) [ADDED] Map markers for EMS & Police [ADDED] Added new vehicles, weapons, clothes, and items [ADDED] Added Gang Areas [ADDED] Inventory protection [ADDED] Weapon holstering (CTRL + H), need rifle bag! (General store) [ADDED] extDB3 [ADDED] Infistar [ADDED] Handsup animation (Shift + 3) [ADDED] New Cars [ADDED] Fire Engine [ADDED] Radio to EMS Shop [ADDED] RifleBag to the Police item shop [FIXED] Convoy mission [FIXED] Vehicle storage (You were not able to take out trucks) [FIXED] Issue with housing not loading sometimes [FIXED] Gang Area payouts (You got paid even due you did not own a gang) [FIXED] Cop Gear saving [FIXED] EMS Gear Saving [FIXED] Small bugs (can't remember) [FIXED] Spikestrip [FIXED] Issue where the cops did not get a warning when the bank was being robbed [FIXED] Some issue with the company crafting [FIXED] Taser [FIXED] When buying the Terrorist license you did not lose money
  6. Nais

    Servere release delay

    Release day set! 17.08.2018 21:00 CEST
  7. Nais

    How to connect to MLRPG

    Step 1: Make sure you have downloaded our addons Step 2: Launch your game with @ModernLifeRPG Step 3: Make sure you're on our Teamspeak before joining the server! Step 4: Connect to this server: IP: Port: 2302 Server Password: beta10 You can also use GameStats to connect to our server and this will also let you view your in-game stats and other server info: https://gamestats.life-codes.net/
  8. Nais

    How to install Modern Life RPG

    Step 1: Download ArmA 3 Sync Download link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22199 Step 2: Run ArmA 3 sync and go into Addon Options and add your ArmA 3 directory Step 3: Go to Repositories and click on the add (plus) icon Step 4: Insert this the link below into Public auto-config URL and click Import then click Ok Link: Step 5: Select the Modern Life RPG from repositories you have added and click on the connect icon on the right-hand side on the bottom Step 6: Click on the check icon to check for addons (This may take some time) Step 7: Click on the start icon to start your download Step 8: Now make sure you add @ModernLifeRPG from local addons on the ArmA 3 Launcher & then you just need to launch your game! Follow this post for more info regarding how to connect to our server:
  9. Nais

    Servere release delay

    Due to the lake of developers todo texturing we need to delay our release, it might only be for 24 hours, 48 hours or just a few days but we are looking at max 7 days so next Friday (09.08.2018). Release date delayed to: 17.08.2018 21:00 CEST More info to come soon...
  10. Nais

    Hank Johns - Tester Application

    Application Accepted! Welcome to the Tester Team, you may now view the Tester Team forum to install our mod pack! Tester Team forum: Click here
  11. Nais

    [FIXED] Drivers License-DMV Issue

    This bug has now been fixed. Moving to post to "Fixed Bugs"
  12. Nais

    [FIXED] Phone Number Issue

    This bug has now been fixed. Moving to post to "Fixed Bugs"
  13. Nais

    [FIXED] Paid for Owning Gang Area I Don't Own

    This bug has now been fixed. Moving to post to "Fixed Bugs"
  14. Nais

    BongLords Tester app

    Application Accepted! Welcome to the Tester Team, you may now view the Tester Team forum to install our mod pack! Tester Team forum: Click here

Welcome to Modern Life RPG

MLRPG is a roleplaying mission made all from scratch by our developer "Nais" and with some help from our developers with the design. Our main focus is all about having fun and roleplaying at the same time, we are not here to make you read for hours before you can play or apply and need to wait hours, our server is 24/7 open to play on BUT police and EMT side is whitelisted. You would need to do a basic police application and training in order to play on police and same with EMT

Server Rules

Make sure you read and understand our rules.

100% Custom

Our mission is 100% custom and all from scratch and we will make sure it stays like this. We have developers with over 5-8 years of experience in just ArmA development.

Modern Life RPG

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