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    So for version 1.5 we have some big changes coming up and we are super excited to release this for you guys but we will keep our server for now offline until 1.5 is ready. This update will include a map change and the rest you need to see yourself when it's out.
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    The server will be up around this week or next week and we might be resetting the stats due to this new update and that's why we will keep our server down. I think you all will like this new change, this will change the way we play.
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    I don't trust these potatos with making sure that there will be enough food
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    Step 1: Install our launcher here: Click here to install NOTICE: Your anti-virus or Windows might say it's a virus due to it being a new program but we are working on contacting does anti-virus companies to get it whitelisted. Step 2: Pick the path you would like to install the mods by clicking on the three dots NOTICE: You might have issues installing with an error getting access denied if you have set a few permissions on your computer so if that happens run ModernLifeInstaller.exe as Administrator by right-clicking on the file Step 3: Once installed the program will automatically start up the launcher and create a shortcut on your desktop and your first step on the launcher should be to go into settings and enter your ArmA 3 path (ArmA 3 folder) then click Save Settings and go back. Step 4: Now once you have done everything you can sync your files straight through the launcher and if there are any new updates to the launcher it will let you know. NOTICE: You must be logged into steam in order to start the launcher & if the server is online you can see the server name, players and join the server straight through the launcher, it will put you automatically on the server.
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    Store robberies are too quick. No time for for the individual's robbing the store and the officers on duty during the time to make any attempt to talk the individual out of the robbery. I also noticed at some point's some individual's think its okay to start shooting or shoot on sight. I beleive noting and having a rule for any situations like hostage taking, store robberies and robbing the bank and similar situations should have a rule noting before anything is done. An officer and individual involved in the situation need to negeociate first before any shots or attempt's to breach, kill or clear the building. This would also inform the officers dealing with the situation they are required to send a unarmed negoceator and attampt to calm and stop the situation before any shots are fired. Lethal force should be used when the negoceagions cannot go smoothly and not called of instantly unless their is a valid reason for example, calling them off due to not having any hostages or snipers are valid reason's. However still attempt to save and value the suspect's life to de-escalate the situation and work something out before shots are exchanged. Secondly, for the individual's robbing the store,bank or hostage taker's need to have one person who is handling the negoceation and cannot change it unless the player needs to go afk or deal with a real life situation. This will increase the chance for better roleplay situation and not ending in a shoot out.
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    The gun will be replaced with the same gun that will not make you do a "super dab" - Developer Leo Fives -
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    Some people have invested hours on to the server. They have puchased mainly vehicle's like flashy cars or cars which they like and enjoy driving. Some people have spent alot of time farming and making their money and I am pretty sure if you wipe all their progress they will be annoyed and more then likely go somewhere else. You also asking for people's opinions on having a fresh wipe stops people playing on the server until the decision is made and this effects the playerbase because they are not going to jump on knoowing or having to question if any runs or methods to make any money will we worthless and a complete waste of time. Personally I have not spent any money ingame on alot of vehicle's and I have saved and made a steam amount of 2.6m. I got bored of making money and instead helped others or assisted them in selling or loading a vehicle up full or drugs and selling it. For me its got to the point to where I am bored ingame from doing any method's to make money and instead spend time flying a helicopter ingame to test and increase my skill's with piloting which I have had some good reaction's to. This is my opinion on the matter and what I beleive need's to be resolved.
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    May I also recommend having it so people spawn with radios, therefore they don't have to purchase anything extra to be able to call people.

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