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  1. [Dismissed] Prices

    Hello Pablo Pablo, Thank you for your suggestion, here at ArmA Roleplay, we have discussed the prices of all items with each development member. The prices are supposed to be like this. However, the only complaints about prices are those that involve the weapons. Some weapon prices have already been changed. Sincerely, Terance Perkins Head Administrator
  2. Alpha Server Is Up!

    Greetings, Our Alpha Server is finally out and running. We hope to see you all in the game. Please ensure you have the updated addons to join. If you have any questions or issues joining, our staff team is ready to help you. All addons and server information can be found on the TeamSpeak for all ArmA Roleplay members that are already registered civilians. Sincerely, Terance Perkins Head Administrator
  3. [Resolved] Mining Zone

    I like this idea. +1
  4. Welcome our new Senior Developer!

    I'm glad to finally help out the community in a much greater role than before. I'm happy to be apart of the team!
  5. Forum Name Change Request Thread

    Forum Name Change Request Thread Please copy the template below to make it easy for us to change your name on the forums. Please remember that your new name must be a roleplay name that consists of a first and last name. As well please remember that we can deny a name request if it violates our rules and/or deemed immature. Please request below in the comment section of this thread. Original Name: Requested Name:
  6. Greetings, As we all may be aware we are extremely close to the release of our Alpha version of our server. However, we need to get the community ready for the roleplay experience. This means we are implementing a new rule. This rule will state the following, "Thou must have their name on all ArmARoleplay assets as their roleplay name". In-depth, we are requiring all members to have a roleplay name, that consists of a First and Last name. This roleplay name must be set on all ArmARoleplay assets, which are the Forums, TeamSpeak, and in-game accounts. Violation of this rule will have no consequences, however, ArmA Roleplay Staff will not allow a member to play on our server without the cooperation of this rule. If you already have a first and last name set on our assets, you will have no worries from this no rule, however please ensure that it is set for your TeamSpeak and in-game account. You can find a name change request thread here for your forum name: Sincerely, Terance Perkins Head Administrator
  7. Hello everyone, Today was the last day of our fantastic Pre-Alpha testing. We have found numerous bugs that have all been fixed for our Alpha release. We could not thank all of our testers enough for all of your time testing. With the Pre-Alpha over, we are moving onto the Alpha release. Five (5) weeks from now, on Friday the 16th, our development team will be releasing our Alpha version of the server for all ArmA Roleplay members. However, from now to the release of the Alpha version, we will be doing little Alpha testings for everyone that is a pre-alpha tester. To take part of such testings, you must be active on TeamSpeak, due to the testing not being announced on the website. If you're not a pre-alpha tester don't worry, you can still become one. For the Alpha version, more of our add-ons and mods that are created by our development team will be implemented into the alpha version replacing the old ones. Sincerely, Terance Perkins Head Administrator
  8. [Dismissed] Organ harvesting

    Hello Sebbe, Harvesting organs is a very unusal request and implantation for a server. We may use this in the future, most likely near beta version of our mod. Maybe even early beta. Sincerely, Terance Perkins Head Administrator
  9. [Dismissed] Uber

    Issac this is a neat idea, however, we already have a taxi service implemented on our server. In the future, we might use this idea to make the taxi service job more inspiring and attractive.
  10. [Dismissed] An idea

    All "crime fighting" done on the server will be conducted by all law enforcement officials from the police and sheriff departments. If such agents are to be created it will be done through one of these departments. As of right now, we have no need for such department, and will not be created.
  11. [Resolved] Gathering/Mining Idea

    As your mining, gathering, and fishing skills increase you will gather more items, from experience.
  12. [Dismissed] Some Ideas

    I understand the porn thing was a joke, and just to put it out there, Arma Roleplay will not have porn on any of our assets since our minimum age requirement is 15 and not 18.
  13. [Resolved] Map poll

    If we do Taunus it will just be state police since towns are so small, however, if we use Emita we'll have a Police Department and a Sheriff Department!
  14. [Resolved] Map change

    When it comes to law enforcement agencies on Emita, half the map is a city for the police department, and the other half of the map is the country for sheriff department. With the new map being large with small towns, it makes having more than one law enforcement useless. The new map is Taunus made with X-cam. Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=836147398 This map is 20km x 20km, however, only about a quarter of it will be used, which is roughly 5 km by 5km, the same size as Emita. Why play on a map the same size as Emita just play with smaller towns, long roads,and huge forests, while destroying your frame rate.
  15. Will not be home until Monday

    Watch him break the same arm again... I would laugh for the next month, and would never let him forget about it.

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