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  1. [Resolved] Map poll

    Well if your lucky too have a fully custom map you can do a border like A3L and start expanding as the server gets more popular I still think its best to stick with emita or go for cicada
  2. [Resolved] Map poll

    personally it depends more on the amount of players on the server if its gonna be really popular you want a big map but to start off you want something small
  3. [Dismissed] Some Ideas

    the porn part was a joke
  4. Going around liking everting I see

  5. Introduce yourself!

    Hi I am Dan some of you may know me I'm 20 and have been a member of many of lifemans communities I am a programmer I operate in the languages Lua, HTML, HTML5, CSS and currently trying to learn Java and the Arma syntax, I am from the united kingdom I work as a chef I cook the most amazing food ever I am also a really friendly person so don't be afraid to come an chat with me in teamspeak.
  6. [Dismissed] Some Ideas

    Bowling, paintballing, go karting and in game internet with ability to have companies websites on and emailing and porn sites
  7. Pre-Alpha

    Approved for Pre-Alpha - Terance P.
  8. [Resolved] Map poll

    I personally enjoy emita I remember the good old days robbing the bank and stuff it is an excellent map with loads of stuff to do.

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