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  1. Starting to think Emita is too small for a functioning ArmA roleplay server...

    1. Sam Tatoe

      Sam Tatoe

      That's what she said, 


      But it worked on Arma 2 so I don't see why it wouldn't on Arma 3


    2. Isaac wolf

      Isaac wolf

      well for now as a small community then the map might be worth staying on until enouph players join then we can change to taunus :)

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Welcome to Modern Life RPG! Modern Life RPG is a roleplaying community being made from scratch with skilled developers and awesome staff team..

What is Modern Life RPG?

Modern Life RPG is a roleplaying community for ArmA 3 and we are building a brand new framework from scratch.

We have developers with over 7 Years of experiences with ArmA development.

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