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    • Hello, As some of you might know we went by the name "ArmA Roleplay" before but we have now decided to go with Modern Life RPG as our community name.   Although our website has been down for the past month, I myself have still been working on the framework and improved it. We will grant beta access to enjoy our framework: 2018.02.02 at 18:00 GMT +1. We have also concluded that starting of as an unmodded community would increase population. We want as many players as possible to be able to enjoy our custom created content. Although everyone is welcome onto to play, EMS and Police are still whitelisted. We will be running our own framework without any mods, so this means we will keep our server open without a password for everyone to come play but in the future, we might move it over to modded depending on what the community wants.   Our Staff team is working hard everyday and communicate mainly through teamspeak, so swing by and say hello!  TS IP: P.S. We are aware of the current situation regarding our outdated logo and other outdated content. We are in the mist of changing everything so bear with us on that!   Best Regards, Modern Life RPG Staff & Development Team!
    • We will be changing our community name from "ArmA Roleplay" to "Modern Life RPG" so you will see some small changes to our website.
    • Original Name: Cecil Warsaw Requested Name: Bryce Borchert plz this current name is really gay Changed - Terance P.
    • [ADDED] = Something new has been added [FIXED] = Fixed a bug [REMOVED] = Something has been removed [TWEEK] = Something was changed [WIP] = Work in progress [BUG] = known bug watch out!   Developers Credits: Nais - Lead Developer - Programmer, Graphic Designer and 3D Design   [ADDED] Robbery System, You go up to a shop table and it Shift + E to rob. - Credits: Nais [ADDED] SMS, You can now message player via your phone - Credits: Nais [ADDED] 911 Message, You can now message 911 - Credits: Nais [ADDED] EMS Message, You can now message the EMS - Credits: Nais [ADDED] Starving, You would now need to eat and drink else you die. - Credits: Nais   [FIXED] Not able to delete some contacts from your phone contact list - Credits: Nais   [BUG] Housing may not be loading sometimes, being worked on!.  
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Modern Life RPG

Welcome to Modern Life RPG! Modern Life RPG is a roleplaying community being made from scratch with skilled developers and awesome staff team..

What is Modern Life RPG?

Modern Life RPG is a roleplaying community for ArmA 3 and we are building a brand new framework from scratch.

We have developers with over 7 Years of experiences with ArmA development.

Modern Life RPG is also a place for you to just hang out and play other games then just Arma, come talk to us on our own Teamspeak server! .